Rules for Membership


Experienced Cardiac surgeons who approve the aims of the Association can be accepted as Members of the Association. Younger surgeons who are dedicated to caring for patients with congenital heart disease may be accepted initially as Junior Members. A non-surgeon or a legal community (such as a health care Industry), who wishes to support the aims and functions of the Association may be admitted as a Supporting Member. The Board of the Association approves, after application, Members and Supporting Members, who are then confirmed by the General Assembly of ECHSA. A person, who has markedly advanced the field or supported the Association, as judged by the Board and confirmed by the Assembly, can be proclaimed an Honorary Member. Members enjoy free participation at ECHSA Meetings, and constant and frequent updates on news of congenital heart issues.

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Voted for at the Business Meeting, Amsterdam, Friday, Oct 2, 2015.

General Conditions

  1. Any recognised cardiac surgeon who is actively involved with Paediatric/Congenital heart surgery is eligible to be considered for ECHSA membership.
  1. Aim of the Association is to promote members from as many European Countries as possible (rather than as many Centres as possible).  European is defined as Europe as a geographical entity.
  1. Members from “non European” Centres must represent the minority and preferably no more then 20% of all the ECHSA members.
  1. For logistic reasons there must be a maximum number of members at the association, established by the Board.

There are the following categories of Members at ECHSA

Categories of Membership

  • Full Members (may be referred simply as “Members”)
  • Junior Members
  • Senior Members
  • Honorary Members
  • Sponsoring Members

Full Membership:

1.  Requirements for eligibility and initiation of Full Membership

  • Completed training in congenital cardiac surgery, at least to the extent available in his/her country, and preferably demonstrated by completion of an official / recognized congenital heart surgery training program / fellowship.
  • Minimum of four years of practice in congenital heart surgery after completion of training (residence and / or fellowship).
  • Personal case-load of at least 100 paediatric/congenital cases per year.
  • Significant clinical and / or scholarly contributions to the field of congenital heart surgery.
  • To be known and to be recommended for membership by at least three ECHSA full members.
  • Prospective Full Members must apply for Full Membership in letter to the President, including a brief CV, complying with eligibility requirements, 30 days prior to the semi-annual meeting, indicating three ECSA supporting members. One supporting member at least should be from the same country.  This candidacy will be passed on to the Secretary for detailed appreciation and credential confirmation.
  • The Board will appreciate the candidacy and the candidate will be voted at the Board, by majority.
  • Final acceptance will need at least 75% of favourable votes by the Full Members present at the Business Meeting.

2.   Full Member responsibilities

  • Be an active participant in the scientific work of the association (presentation of abstracts including worst and best cases, participation in multi-institutional studies, and in discussions during the Associations Scientific Meetings).
  • Submit the data of operations from his institution to the Database (at least as pertaining to his own operations) on a yearly basis.  Exceptions for special circumstances can be granted after specific application to the Board.
  • Participate regularly in the Annual Meeting of the Association, and particularly in the Spring Meetings.

3.  Termination of Full Membership:

Full Membership will end when:

  • A Member has retired from active congenital cardiac surgical practice.
  • He/she has failed to pay membership fee for two consecutive years
  • He/she has failed to attend four consecutive ECHSA semi-annual meetings (special situations may be considered by the Board). Notice will be given beforehand.
  • He/she is systematically negligent in his above stated Member responsibilities, as judged by the Board.
  • A Full Member who is retiring from his/her own Institution is allowed to indicate to the Board his/her desired   successor among his/her own Institution, at least six months before his/her retirement. The indicated successor, however, needs to be voted to become member with at least 75% of positive votes and will be subject to the same requirements as for a new member (except that no other supporting ECHSA members are needed).

Senior Membership

Retiring Full Members can apply to become “Senior Member”. Their request ought to be addressed to the President.  Upon acceptance, they will be listed in a separate list (Senior Members list). Senior Members are allowed to participate in the semi-annual meetings (including business meetings) but they have no right to vote. Senior Members are exempt from the obligation to pay annual dues. Senior Members might be called upon to advise at the Board level, on issues of their experience or expertise. They will be there “ex-officio”.

Honorary Membership

The association can grant the title of Honorary Member to someone whose services to the Association or to the field of congenital heart surgery were deemed most relevant. This will be decided at the Board and voted at the General Business Assembly. Honorary Members can be invited to participate in Board meetings, “ex-officio”, as well as the semi-annual meetings and Business Meetings, but having no rights to vote. Honorary Members are exempt from the obligation to pay annual dues.

Junior Membership

Each ECHSA member is allowed to recommend to the Board Junior Members from his/her own Institution.  Prospective Junior Members are actively practicing congenital heart surgeons, who do not yet fulfil criteria for full membership, but exhibit a keen interest in the work of the Association (e.g. being actively involved with the data collection and multi-centric studies). They must apply for Junior Membership. It is expected that Junior Members will aspire for Full Membership.

Upon approval by the Board, Junior Members will be listed in a separate list (Junior Members list).

Junior Members are allowed to participate at the semi-annual meetings and to participate at the Business Meeting, having no right to vote.

Junior Members pay reduced annual dues, as determined by the Board, but no more than 50 % of the annual dues paid by Full Members.

Supporting Membership

Supporting Membership is granted to Companies or Organizations showing interest in the Association and willing to support its goals, on a regular basis. Supporting Membership has four levels Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze, depending on their level of sponsoring and involvement in the Association.  These levels are currently set as follows, and can be modified by the Board.

Platinum - sponsorship of                   40 000 € (or more) yearly
Golden - Sponsorship of                        25 000 € (or more) yearly
Silver - Sponsorship of                           10 000 € (or more) yearly
Bronze – Sponsorship of                       less than 10 000 € yearly, at the
                                                                               discretion of the Board

Supporting Membership allows the Company the right to present scientific topics of industry research at the Association meetings, meant not to be primarily commercial, also to display commercial logos at the website and to have access to selected packages of anonymous data from the database. Privilege levels depend on support levels, as determined by the Board. 

Support Membership admission is to be decided exclusively by the Board.


Non-members, as surgeons, cardiologists, health care professionals in general, industry representatives, as well as other relevant individuals, are allowed to participate in the scientific sessions of the meeting as ECHSA Guests, namely:

  • Representatives of the Software Company running the ECHSA Database
  • Members of other Scientific Societies who are approved by the Board as ex-officio non - voting members of the ECHSA Congenital Database Committee: they are designated as ex-officio ECHSA Guests.
  • Guests may act as eventual local sponsors for meetings, in amounts and conditions to be determined, case-by-case, by the President, Secretary and the Treasurer, in conjunction.
  • ECHSA Guests are normally excluded from the Business meeting, unless authorized by the President to attend.

Any other issues, regarding Membership, not specifically addressed on these Rules for Membership are to be decided by the Board.