Dear friends and colleagues,

Welcome to the new ECHSA website!

The President and the entire ECHSA Board wish to thank all of you, the esteemed Members of ECHSA, for your support and commitment during a year of changes and improvements to our Association.
Empowered by your contributions, by an ever expanding Congenital Database enriched with unique and upgraded on-line analysis and research tools available to its users, by strong clinical research yielding multi-institutional studies published in the most respected scientific journals of our field, by Annual Meetings now open not only to Members, but also to the entire congenital community, and by strong membership growth in Europe and in all regions of the world, we are committed to continued strengthening of our Association!

By launching the new ECHSA website, we hope to provide our Members and visitors with improved facilities to access important clinical and scientific information such as ongoing studies and published reports from the ECHSA Multi-institutional Studies and the Congenital Database, as well as information on future (and past) ECHSA Meetings and other ECHSA developments and projects.
In addition, facilities are provided for the Members to handle their Annual Membership fee payments online.
We appreciate having your feedback regarding our new website. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.